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Should I Fix My Old Car or Buy A Used One

Should I Fix My Old Car or Buy A Used One

Are you considering purchasing a used car to replace your current vehicle? Perhaps you are on the fence, not sure if you should continue to fix the old car or buy a new one. Sometimes it is a tough call that requires weighing the pros and cons. Much depends on your current vehicle make, year, and model, what kind of costs you are looking at, and what you have already put into it.

What Are The Costs Of Wear And Tear?

The longer you own your vehicle, the more wear and tear becomes an issue. Even if you maintain your car and take good care of it, these costs will add up. There are variables, of course, like how many miles you put on your car and what type of miles they are.

For example, suppose you have a heavy commute and use your vehicle for many daily errands, such as taking kids to school or going to the grocery store. In that case, your vehicle wear and tear will be more extensive than someone who works from home and only drives short distances a few times per week.

Some wear and tear costs that can add up include timing belt replacement, brake rotors, and electronic components. Prices for some of these higher-level repairs and replacements can exceed $1,000 and typically start to stack up after you’ve reached the 100,000-mile mark.

The Case For Fixing Your Old Car

If you think of your car as an investment, the argument for repairing a vehicle versus buying another car is valid. You’ve already put a considerable amount of money into your car. Perhaps you’ve paid it off or are near to paying it off.

Suppose your car is still in good condition but needs reasonable maintenance or repairs. In that case, you may be better off keeping your vehicle, maintaining it, and waiting for a few more years before purchasing another car. Consider this if the case is that you have paid it off or are close to paying it off.

Adding a new car payment is not always the best route, especially if the repairs to your current vehicle are not excessive.

The Case For Buying A Used Car

Are there times when you should fix your old car and buy a new one? Yes, of course. Other times, though, it makes more sense to purchase another vehicle.

If you find that your repair costs are exorbitant or recurring and your pocketbook is taking a big hit regularly, buying another car is a good option.

A used vehicle may come with a warranty, either from the manufacturer or from a third party. These warranties can give you peace of mind. Not only that, but if the used car is low on miles and has been well-maintained, you can relax knowing that major repairs will not be an issue for some time.

When You Should Just Buy Another Car

When your current car is breaking down regularly and has become unsafe or is causing you to miss work, it’s definitely time to look into purchasing another car. At this point, owning your car has become too stressful and expensive, and you never know when it’s going to break down on you.

If your repairs are starting to exceed what your vehicle is worth or are causing financial hardship, it makes more sense to purchase another car.

Used cars are often a better deal than a brand-new car. There are several reasons for this, including the overall cost of the vehicle, cost of ownership, and depreciation. In some cases, a used car has more value than a brand-new car, depending on the make and model. Registration may be less expensive with a used car, and the overall price is less costly.

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