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Advantages of Buying from an Independent Dealership

Buying a used car can be stressful, in part because there are so many options, and it’s hard to know where to go. You can buy a car online, buy from a private seller, or go to a new car dealership. Many people prefer to buy used vehicles at independent dealerships, though. If you’re on the fence, learn more about the advantages of these used dealerships and how you can get the best deal on a used car.

Benefits of Independent Dealerships

There are a lot of different reasons people visit independent used car 87dealerships. These local car lots are known for having strong relationships with the communities, and there are a number of benefits associated with that. The following four things are the top advantages of independent dealerships:

  • Better Deals
  • Better Selections
  • Better Service
  • Used Car Financing

Better Deals

Finding a great deal is the top reason to buy a used car. Independent used car dealers often have the very best prices around because they have lower overhead. Since they also have more comprehensive selections (more on this below), you’re likely to find a vehicle at just about any budget.

Better Selections

If you visit a dealership from a manufacturer, you’ll mostly find that manufacturer’s cars. This isn’t a big deal if you’re committed to that one brand, but otherwise, it can limit your selection. An independent dealership can carry just about any make or model, which means you’ll have a lot more choices. If you wish to find the best car without caring about the brand, visit an independent dealer. You can even ask them to keep an eye out for a specific type of vehicle for you.

Better Service

Big dealerships that sell vehicles from the major manufacturers are extensions of international brands. While their employees may be just as friendly, these dealerships provide standardized service based on the instructions of a manufacturer. An independent used car dealership in Tucson, however, will be completely focused on this one community.

Used Car Financing

Getting a used car loan can be difficult, especially if your credit is less than perfect. When you shop at an independent dealership, their used car financing experts know what it takes to get a car loan in Tucson. You may be able to get a better loan by visiting an independent dealership, especially since they’re so willing to work with you.

Tips for Buying a Car From an Independent Dealership

Once you’ve decided to visit a used dealership without any brand affiliation, start planning your visit. If you want to know how to get the best deal on a used car, you can follow a few simple tips. Plan to follow these four tips, and you’ll get a great deal on your used car.

1 – Do Some Research

Like most things, buying a new car is a lot easier if you’ve done your homework. When you shop at an independent dealership, you’ll be exposed to all different kinds of makes and models from throughout the years. You’ll find late-model SUVs mixed in with value sedans from years back, and some people say this is harder to navigate than a lineup of new cars from a single brand.

Thinking about the best type of vehicle for your needs will help you narrow things down. Consider all of the following:

  • How old would you like your car to be? Some drivers only want a used model from the last few years.
  • What body style is the best fit for your lifestyle? This will help you narrow your choices down to sedans, trucks, SUVs, hatchbacks, or some other category.
  • Would you like a vehicle from a particular brand? If you’re committed to a certain brand, you can still make that work when you shop at an independent dealership.

2 – Negotiate for a Used Car

The research you do will also make it easier to negotiate. This is especially important when you buy a used car at an independent dealership because they’re often more willing to negotiate than the salespeople at a brand-specific dealership. Remember that the salesperson is working with you, not against you, especially when you shop at a used car dealership with trustworthy employees. Still, you’ll get the best deal on a used car if you come prepared and use all of the information at your disposal. Don’t be afraid to get out your smartphone and check prices online once you decide which used car is best for you.

3 – Check for Recalls and Salvage Titles

Once you find the used car you want, look into it by checking the vehicle identification number (VIN). The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will be able to show you whether there’s a recall for your specific vehicle. The dealership should also be disclosing any recalls and letting you know whether they’ve made the associated repairs.

Also, look for the words “salvage title” on the vehicle history report. A salvage title means that the vehicle has been repaired after an insurance company determined it was totaled. The nice thing about working with a reputable used car dealership with deep community ties is that they’ll want to be completely upfront with you about the vehicle’s condition and history. Check the used dealership’s reviews if you’re not sure about them.

4 – Inspect the Car’s Condition

Depending on where you shop, the vehicle should have already been inspected and prepared for a new owner. Here at Cactus Auto, for example, we have our skilled mechanics inspect vehicles after we buy used cars with cash. We won’t sell anything we don’t have faith in, and we even provide two years of free maintenance on every vehicle we sell.

Still, used cars do occasionally come with some light wear. Someone has driven this vehicle before, so there might be slight imperfections throughout the interior or exterior. Our used car experts have deemed that every car on our lot is ready for the road, but you should still look it over to make sure everything is up to your standards.

Used Dealership in Tucson

Here at Cactus Auto, we’re one of the leading independent dealerships in Arizona. When you visit our used car dealership in Tucson, you’ll be greeted with friendly service, low prices, and a massive selection of used vehicles for sale. Drivers who are on the fence about multiple options can rest easy because of our 72-hour exchange program. If you’re not completely happy with the vehicle you picked, you can exchange it for another vehicle within three days– no fees and no gimmicks.

Our team at Cactus Auto has been serving Tucson and all of the surrounding areas for more than 30 years now, and we feel a deep connection with this community. Our convenient location on Prince Road makes it easy to get to us from just about anywhere, even if you’re coming from outside of town. When you meet our honest employees and see how convenient it can be to buy a used car, you’ll be glad you chose to do business with an independent car dealership. Stop by and see us today!

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