Car Air Conditioning Repair in Tucson

Here in Tucson, the air conditioner is just as important to most drivers as the engine and the tires. Driving around Arizona in the summer can be miserable without a functional A/C, so it quickly becomes apparent when you need car air conditioning repair. When desert temperatures climb over 100°F, the inside of your car gets even hotter than that.

Maybe you've noticed that it takes your vehicle an unusually long time to cool down, or maybe it just never gets cool at all. Your air conditioner may still be blowing warm air even after it's been running for a long time. In any of these cases, you need car A/C repair right away to make your vehicle comfortable again.

Common Car A/C Repair Services

When the air conditioner in your vehicle starts to lose its power, the problem can normally be linked back to one of five things. These issues will require professional car A/C repair unless you're a skilled mechanic, but identifying possible problems will help you understand what you're up against. Here are the most common things we help our customers with at our auto repair service department.

Low Refrigerant / Refrigerant Leak in Car

There could be a hole or a gap in your A/C system that allows the refrigerant to escape. We can provide an air conditioning recharge to make your system work efficiently again. While we're at it, we'll fix the leak, so the problem doesn't come up again.

Broken or Blocked Condensor

The condenser is the part of your car's A/C system that cools hot refrigerants. IT uses airflow from your vehicle's front to do this, but sometimes dirt and debris come in with the air. Give it a look to see if you can remove any dirt or debris that's blocking airflow through the grille of your car. If it's not dirty or blocked, the condenser may simply need to be replaced.

Failed Cooling Fan

The cooling fan is responsible for blowing treated air into your vehicle, so the system can't function properly once the fan gives out. If we suspect a fan problem, we look for all of the following:

  • Cracked fan
  • Blown fuse
  • Wiring issue

Broken Compressor

The compressor keeps the refrigerant moving throughout your car's air conditioning system, so it's designed for heavy use. The only downside to this is that long periods without being used can shock the equipment. If you haven't driven your vehicle in a while or haven't needed the air conditioning all winter, the compressor may have given out.

Electrical Failure

Wiring problems and other electrical issues can be one of the most difficult to diagnose and fix. We perform a visual inspection of the wiring, then use specialized tools for a more in-depth diagnosis. Repairing electrical connections and wiring allows your A/C system to work together as intended.

Do I Need a Car A/C Recharge?

The refrigerant leaks mentioned above can accelerate the need for an A/C recharge, but you're likely to need one at some point anyway. Older vehicles that still used Freon as a refrigerant needed to be recharged much more frequently, but technology has certainly helped. Modern vehicles use a newer kind of refrigerant, which doesn't need to be added to as often. If you feel like you need to get your refrigerant topped off every single summer, that's definitely the sign of a leak that needs to be impressed.

Even if your vehicle has been inspected for an A/C leak, you may still need to get the refrigerant topped off once or twice throughout the vehicle's life. Many new cars only need a refrigerant recharge about every seven years, though it may be more often if you live in an especially hot place like Tucson. Ask your car repair specialist if your A/C is having a problem or if it just needs to be topped off.

Car A/C Repair in Tucson at Cactus Auto

Our ability to provide exceptional maintenance and service after the sale helped us become the best-used car dealership in Tucson. People visit us from all Marana, Three Points, and all of the surrounding areas because they know we'll keep them on the road for years to come. We're so confident in our ability to fix your vehicle, everything we sell comes with a free maintenance plan for two years. Cactus Auto can do it all, so bring your vehicle to us next time you need car air conditioning repair.

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