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Drivers in the United States love pickup trucks, and it's easy to see why. Here at Cactus Auto, we've been helping people from Tucson and the surrounding areas find the best-used pickup trucks for over three decades. People come to us because they know we take pride in the way we do business with our community members, and they also know we sell the best- used trucks available. Our vehicles span a variety of makes and models, which means you can probably find your favorite pickup truck on our lot.

You can find some of the most popular trucks from legendary American auto manufacturers on our lot. You may also come across some nice imported models. We're an independent car dealer, so we're not obligated to stick to any particular pickup truck.

Instead, you're likely to find options like the following on our lot at any given time:

  • Used Ford F-150
  • Used Chevy Silverado
  • Used Dodge Ram 1500
  • Used Dodge Ram 2500
  • Used Toyota Tundra
  • Used Nissan Titan
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2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
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Benefits of Buying a Used Truck

For most people, a pickup truck is about the most expensive thing they'll ever buy. We understand that, so we always go above and beyond to get drivers into great trucks without charging them an arm and a leg. Choosing a used truck can help you save several thousands of dollars. This helps you avoid spending too much on a new vehicle that will only get dirty at the job site anyway.

You can also put more of your budget toward getting as much towing power and premium features as possible. Buying a used truck with a V8 engine will be a lot easier than buying a new option with the same amount of power. Instead of buying a new truck with a mediocre interior, spend the same amount to get a pre-owned one with leather seats and state of the art technology features.

Your used truck will also hold its value better over time. You've probably heard the saying that a new car loses a lot of value the instant you drive it off the lot for the first time. When you buy a used truck, you don't have to worry about that because it's already made the transition from a new vehicle to a used one. You're not paying for the new truck smell--you're only paying for features and performance. As long as you take great care of your truck for the next several years, you can count on it, holding a good amount of its value.

Used Truck Financing

Most people think of car loans as only for new cars, but we can also help you get an attractive financing offer for a used truck. We specialize in selling used vehicles, so our financing experts know what it takes to get a loan for this kind of truck. Even if you don't have great credit, we can help you get a used truck loan by showing proof of income. Ask one of our truck loan professionals about which kind of deal and monthly payment would be best for you.

Used Trucks for Sale in Tucson

Whether you want something to haul gear across town or work at different job sites, you can find it at Cactus Auto. Drivers come to us from all over Arizona to find used trucks that match their needs and lifestyles. We know people depend on their trucks, too, so every one we sell comes with two years of free maintenance. Stop by today to get started!

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