Transmission Repair in Tucson

Transmission services are some of the most important maintenance procedures you can get for your vehicle, but many people might not know how to keep up with these preventative measures. Regular tune-ups can help prevent you from needing a more serious type of transmission repair, and taking great care of this part can also dramatically extend the life of your vehicle. The exact amount of money you can expect to spend on a transmission fluid change or transmission flush will vary slightly depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, but it’s generally a relatively inexpensive procedure. It’s definitely worth the cost if you want to keep your vehicle running reliably for some time.

Transmission Flush Vs. Transmission Fluid Change

Here at Cactus Auto Sales, we know all about what it takes to keep used cars on the road and performing well. Some of the vital car maintenance services we provide include transmission flushes and transmission fluid changes. Of these two, a transmission fluid change is the simplest. All that’s involved in a transmission fluid change is replacing the dirty fluid in the pan with fresh fluid. If you do this regularly enough, you might not ever have to have a full transmission flush.

Also known as a transmission fluid exchange, the transmission flush is slightly more involved than an average fluid change. Flushing the entire system helps ensure that the coolant lines and torque converter are also cleaned out and filled with new transmission fluid. In other words, the entire system is pumped out. This is necessary when the transmission fluid has become especially dirty, but regular transmission fluid changes and inspections can help you avoid the extra expense of a full flush.

How Often Do I Need a Transmission Fluid Change?

To ensure you’re getting the most exact answer to this question, we recommend checking the owner’s manual for your vehicle or looking online for information specific to your car. You should be able to find some precise guidelines about how often your particular vehicle needs to have the fluid exchanged. As a general rule, though, most vehicles can go around 60,000 or 80,000 miles between transmission fluid changes.

If your vehicle is under a lot of pressure, it may be best to change the transmission fluid more often. There’s no such thing as changing your transmission fluid too soon while waiting too long can lead to some serious problems. If any of the following apply to your vehicle, it’s better to get your transmission fluid changed more frequently:

  • You drive your vehicle frequently. This could mean putting a lot of mileage on your vehicle in a short amount of time or even doing a lot of stop-and-go driving.
  • You drive your vehicle hard. This might mean doing some intense driving in your sports car or putting a lot of pressure on your truck by hauling heavy loads.
  • You drive in intense environments. For example, your vehicle may need more frequent transmission services if you live in a hot, dusty environment like Tucson.

Is a Transmission Fluid Change Worth the Cost?

Getting your transmission fluid change is highly unlikely to cost more than a few hundred dollars, and it often costs much less. This will depend slightly on the type of vehicle you have because that will impact things like how hard it is to change the fluid, how much fluid is required, and which type of fluid must be put into the vehicle. This cost is nothing compared to the risk you run by ignoring the signs that it’s time for transmission maintenance. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money by taking your vehicle to a local car repair shop like the one we have here at Cactus Auto.

When Do I Need a Transmission Fluid Change?

If you let your transmission get into too bad of shape, you could be looking at thousands of dollars of repairs to get the transmission working again. In the worst-case scenario, you may even end up needing a new car. You can avoid those serious issues by knowing the common signs that you need transmission service:

  • Transmission Overheating – The temperature gauge will give you a high reading, and you may also notice warning lights or a burning smell.
  • Bad Shifting – The car doesn’t shift as quickly and smoothly as it used to.
  • Failed Transmission – Once the transmission gets really bad, you’ll notice bad handling and acceleration, awful sounds, and lots of vibration.

Transmission Services in Tucson

Transmission failure is likely to ruin your day and your car at the same time. Avoid major problems with regular check-ups and preventative maintenance. Bring your vehicle to Cactus Auto in Tucson today for reliable transmission services.

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